Supervision and Consultation

I offer supervision to new graduates who are seeking licensure in Oregon.  My work as a supervisor focuses on building skills necessary for succesful practice, including maintaining a therapeutic connection with clients, recognizing transference and countertransference, being aware of projection in both client and therapist, building diagnostic and treatment skills, and finding therapeutic theories and practices that are workable and comfortable for the supervisee.  In addition, there are the more mundane, but important tasks like finding a productive charting style, building and maintaining professional relationships and learning insurance billing procedures.  My hope for my supervisees is that they form a professional identity and move into a productive and fulfilling practice throughout their professional lives.

I fit best with supervisees who are working in private practice or who are working in an agency providing services to alcoholics, drug addicts, or gambling addicts or adults with general mental health issues.

I provide consultation to therapists who are looking to add skills in an area of practice as in the following:
Drug addiction
Sex addiction
Coordinating therapy and 12 Step programs
Couples counseling
Integrating therapy and spirituality
Attention Deficit Disorder
Practice building skills

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